I am a disciple of Jesus Christ. I study his life and teachings daily and strive to emulate Him. I reflect, repent, and Improve.

I am a LEAN Leader. I am a master improver. I am an expert at 5S and creating systems that flow. I respect people and coach others to engage in daily continuous improvement.

I am a man of service and sacrifice. I set aside my wants and needs seeking the greatest good for others. I am a helper.

I am an adventurer. I am healthy and fit and have energy to be a joyful and loving Husband and Father. I travel the world with those I love and delight in experiencing the awe and wonder of this Earth.

The Goal Is Flow

I achieve flow in my life. I delight in the work I do. The processes I touch become effortless and enjoyable. I immerse myself in activities with energized concentration and focus. I lose myself in life's moments and experience its optimal and most enjoyable blessings that can be had in human life. .

Flow State (Focus and high performance) ~ Flow Mindset (Energized concentration and focus) ~ Flow Processes (Effortless and enjoyable) ~ Cash Flow (Financial freedom) ~ The Zone Diet (Optimal body nutrition)


"What good shall I do this day?" - Benjamin Franklin

"If today was the last day of my life, would I be happy with what I'm about today? - Steve Jobs


What am I grateful for?

Review Long Term Goals

What are my intentions for the day? What ONE thing will help me feel like I WON the day? 1 -3 Priorities for the day. How will I show up today?

Thoughts? Feelings? Emotion?