Blake J Merrell

With 5 years of management experience in the building materials industry and 8 years as a Lean Six Sigma engineer, I make it my priority to serve those I lead, drive fear from the workplace, and achieve operational excellence.

Continuous Improvement is a lifelong passion and I strive daily to improve and help those with me engage in the same circadian CI rhythm. I use Lean and Servant Leadership principles as my guide.

I received the Foxworth-Galbraith Phoenix Award in 2019 the first year of becoming a General Manager. I achieved significant IFO improvement from the prior year, taking the operation from profit loss to profit-making.

Director of Business Development

  • Directly report to the CEO

  • Managing daily operations of Merit3D.

  • Brain storm, plan and execute on ways to EXPONENTIALLY grow Merit3D

  • Request/develop KPIs that report on company health and goals

  • Demonstrate leadership, loyalty and dedication to the company setting the example for those you lead as well as others in the company.

  • Work closely with the CEO and the management team to rapidly and sustainably grow the additive manufacturing business. You will also work closely with R&D, S&M, Production and Accounting departments at Dustless to support the mission of Merit3D.

  • Develop and assist in developing, procedures, metrics and other analytics to determine progress for Merit3D.

  • Work with and manage all full time personnal for Merit3D.

  • Work with the CEO on the strategic vision including fostering and cultivating stakeholder relationships on city, state, and national levels, as well as assisting in the development and negotiation of contracts.

  • Foster business, government, and educational relationships to achieve high growth.

  • Evaluate the Dustless Technologies business for continuous improvement, 5S, and lean projects to better optimize operations.

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